Greetings from Montana

By lenward | April 26, 2008

Well, we got our household goods in Billings loaded up by the movers, and it is headed for Hillsboro, Or. via Thermopolis, Wyo.  The van will be in Hillsboro next Friday, the 16th.  Carol will have to supervise the movers unloading and placing our belongings where she wants them without my help, as I will still be in Billings for our Prev. Plus event here.  We are exited about our new home, but will miss Billings for sure.  Due to the fact we still have family, and a lot of our extended Juice Plus family here, I am sure I will pay regular visits here several times a year. One of the beautiful things about our business though, is we have our Juice Plus extended family all over the world, and we always feel at home wherever we are.We hope to see many of you at our event in Billings on the 16th & 17th!!Have a great Juice Plus Day!!! 

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Phoenix Conference Phenominal!!

By lenward | April 22, 2008

First, there was 2 great days of R&R and fellowship at the Camelback Inn Resort for those of us that were fortunate to have qualified for the 39-100 Club retreat courtesy of Jay Martin.  The weather and the setting was absolutely perfect.

Then the conference began with training seminars and the NMD meeting on Thursday afternoon at the Phoenix Convention Center.

The highlights of the regular conference were as follows:

Update on the Childrens Health Study: *We now have over 300,000 child participants, and 300,000 sponsoring adults in the program, or a total of 600,000 children and adults using Juice Plus through the study world wide in 12 countries.           *Customer retention rate is much higher with the CRF participants      *All participants are showing great improvements in their overall health       * A much larger percentage of CRF participants are joining our business.

Happy, Healthy Kids Campaign: Some new promotional CD’s and DVD’s available, and a new Director in Memphis, and Dr. David Katz MD is a new partner in the program.

Beautiful new and updated Post Cards for PC Program follow up.

Distributor Support Training Sessions: *The Power of Events, featuring Gayle Opstad *Developing a Strong Juice Plus Story, featuring Carol and Vic Ranoa *Team Building 101 featuring Karen Fowler *SC to SSC Rapid Development Program featuring Cheryl Cortese(NMD’s Only)

St. Louis Super Rigional, Aug. 8-9, 2008 Featuring: Jay Martin, Jacque Klein NMD, Dr. Richard Dubois, Yvette Sanders (H.O.), and Travis Broussard NMD and Body Builder.

Dr. Smokey Santillo will be on a Summer Tour, to be announced later.

Memphis Conference to be Oct. 23-25th, Long Beach Conference to be March 19-21st, 2009.

New Web page to be unvieled by June, 2008:

New web page available for viewing now:

More and better use of online tools and optimization of the website. Practical URL titles linked to your name for your personal Juice Plus web site. Availabel by June 1, 2008.


                                                           2007                                                      2008

JANUARY                       Positive Listings 20-30%                        40-50%

                                                  Not  In the Top Ten                      In the Top Ten

MARCH                           Positive Listings 30-40%                         50-60%

                                                           In the Top Ten                       In the Top Ten


PROVIDING POSITIVE WEB SEARCH ALTERNATIVES: WWW.JUICEPLUSREVIEWED.COM  Featuring the Power to the Patient by Isadore Rosenfeld MD and links to Juice Plus website and Juice Plus Scientific studies.  The is awesome material, please check it out!!

That is all for now, I will have some more highlights of the keynote speakers, Dr. Rosenfeld, Smokey Santillo, Deana Christofferson, Jay Martin, Leanne Gordon, Chris Drobes, Joy Kelly and the Fitness Challenge.  They were all awsome, and it was the best conference ever!!

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More On Beavertail

By lenward | March 22, 2008

Sorry, but I had to cut my last posting short to get on the planning call for next month’s Team Ward conference call.  I will now give you a little more detail on the Beavertail Agenda.

On Saturday morning, Victoria Stewart and her father Paul from H.O. Canada, gave a great presentation on NSA, Juice Plus, and the business model. I was very impressed on the delivery style and astute observations of our business presented by Victoria, she was very interesting.  Paul gave one of the best speeches I have heard him give as well. The appreciaton of our Home Offices for the job we do in the field was very evident.  They have pledged to keep up the support they have given us in the way of updated material and continued reseach on Juice Plus+ users so we can continue to be effective messengers of this great product and business.

Wendy Stewart NMD 100 Club gave a great overview on customer acquisition and retention.

The next session, John Blair gave a great presentation “Juice Plus: The Inside Perspective” It is amazing to what extent NSA has been diligent on protecting the future viability of Juice Plus with it’s long term contracts with major growers and suppliers so there will never be a shortage of the highest quality ingredients for our product. The company even owns substantial acreages of land in the Mid-West which produces the highes quality of Organically grown kale.  We are one of the largest users of cranberries in the world, and have gone to great lengts to ensure that there is always a substantial source for our use as well. Come to Phoenix, and you will get the rest of the scoop.

Trudy Ferguson NMD 39 Club from Calgary gave a great presentation on building for events.

Yvonne Cunningham NMD 24 Club from Edmonton gave a great presentation on Building A Team (Which will be my topic on next Saturday’s Conference Call)

Mark Hair NMD 39 Club gave a very good talk on “The Napkin Presentation” which we are all familiar with due to the excellent adaptation Irv Haidle put together from Kerry Daigle’s concept. Mark had a very good power point adaptation.

We had a great banquet and party Saturday night and everyone had a great time of fellowship and networking with other distributors form side and cross lines of sponsorship. I did not realize John Blair could cut such a fancy rug.

Also, as is customary, there were several NMD Stories and tips interspersed between sessions.  They included NMD’s Amanda Cockwell, Aicia Knedlick, Larry Barnes and others. They were very inspiring, and Larry Barnes 39 Club did his usual outstanding job of Hosting most of the event.

Sunday AM Wendy Stewart gave another great talk “Why Juice Plus?” which included a sad story of her sister who died of cancer at a very young age and had always refused to take Juice Plus+.  What a difference it might have made in her life, as it had in Wendy’s who had recovered beautifully from past heart surgery.

My presentation “The World Is Yours” was painting the big picture of what is really available to us in the way of improving our lives in every way with this great business, and why our business model is the very best way to achieve our financial independence in today’s economy.  For those who wish to get the power point outline of my talk, type in your request in the “comments” box below, and I will send you a CD of the power point presentation I put together for the talk.

The final session was John Blair doing a wrap up of the hight points of the Bootcamp, and shared his appreciation for the great group of people and fabulous setting that comprise the “Beavertail” experience. He now understands why Ron Watkins insists on being the Home Office representative at this event year after year.

You………….Have a great Juice Plus day!!   Len

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Beavertail was great as usual!!

By lenward | March 22, 2008

Greetings from sunny Arizona!!

Finally back from my long road trip to Germany, Norway, Ireland & Canada. The final stop, (although a weary one) was in Banff, Alberta for the Annual Beavertail Bootcamp. The featured speaker this year from the Home Office was John Blair. It was his first Beavertail experience, and he really enjoyed it. He did an outstanding job as usual updating us on the latest Juice Plus technical information and upgrades, as well as insight to future expansion of our markets globally. I am sure he will give the same report in Phoenix we heard in Stuttgart and Banff. For those who attend Phoenix conference next month, you are in for a real treat.

We had about 90 people at Beavertail, and several new distributors who are on fire. Eddie Parea from Edmonton had his tuition for the weekend paid by me for winning the contest I threw for the Alberta group, and was an inspiration to all of us. He will be a future NMD, just wait and see!! Thanks Linda, Brian & Don for the great social in Linda & Brians condo on Friday evening after the Blair presentation.

Well thats all for now. Be sure and attend the Phoenix conference if you can. The Mack’s and Ward’s are throwing a big BBQ at the Mack’s place on Saturday night at the conference. Stay tuned for details!!


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Greetings from Amsterdam

By lenward | March 13, 2008

Have a few hour layover here, so thought I would follow up with the results of our meeting in Letterkenny, Ireland. We ended up in completing orders for 15 of the 20 that were at our meeting, plus a couple more. Got our fist distributor sponsored by Sister Susan; Thomas Callaghan. He is exactly the same age I was when I got with NSA, 48. Two of the orders included CRF for children in the family, and one order was for 3 boxes at a crack on 3 family members. Juice Plus in more expensive in Ireland, 180.00 Eu per box, $280.52 USD. So don’t complain about the price in the U.S., Canada or Norway!!

Headed for Beavertail at Banff, should be fun. Have a great day!!! Len

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Greetings from Ireland

By lenward | March 11, 2008

susan.jpgHad a great Healthy Lifestyle meeting last night in Drumkeen, Donegal, Ireland with Sr. Susan and her guests. About 20 people were there, and at midnight we had 8 new PC’s, and have to finish the paperwork, and sign up a few more and a new distributor later today, and tomorrow morning before I head for Canada.

It was wonderful to see what credibility this Lady has with her friends. They were all friends of hers from the area, and they all got a real kick out of her telling her story of how we met on the plane last Oct.

The business is still working and fun for those who work it!!

Have a great day!!!


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My practice in Holmekollen

By lenward | March 8, 2008

Look at my practice in Holmenkollen – Oslo yesterday.(In my dreams, of course)

If I can do it – you can do it.

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March 3 meeting in Oslo

By lenward | March 7, 2008

Click on the icon below to listen to my talk in Oslo.  Unni and Roar also gave great talks, but in Norwegian, so will not post yet. It was a great meeting.  Unni did an update on Stuttgart, and Roar did a fantastic training on building a business.

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By lenward | March 5, 2008

at-pebble-wq-45.jpgThis is my way of communicating with my organization on a frequent basis.  I hope to be passing along useful and timely information so that we can be in constant communication.  Please feel free to use any and all information I pass along to enhence your business with your downline.   Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

Yours Truly,

Len Ward

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